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About Us

"We love to work hard and we always please our customers. This client-oriented approach is very important"

At Semeton, our key competitive advantages include quality, creativity, leading-edge technology, and strong modularity in our development process, which allows us to work with virtually any kind of design technology or new media project.

We have the best people with a very broad base of knowledge and expertise, and a clear way of putting it all together. We’re not just designers, we’re not just engineers, we’re not just consultants; we are all of that, and more.


Understanding your brand culture — the shared vision, voice and values of your company — is the foundation of our client-centric process.

Our team of web developers and designers is highly skilled at helping you to navigate the layers of differentiation between what your brand is and what you want it to be. We explore creative solutions that will drive success for your organisation, while also providing the tools to help you distinguish, innovate, integrate and orchestrate your marketing to resonate across all channels.

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